Thursday, May 10

Google, probably the best online marketers in the world

I hate to say it but I think Google must truly be the best online marketing organisation in the world. What! Why? I hear you say. Surely, Amazon, YouTube, Skype or even Adidas/Nike...

Google do little to market themselves in the traditional sense. That is, carefully crafted campaigns and intelligent presentation of the brand. In fact, I'd say they're pretty lousy at this kind of promotion judging by some of the Google Maps ads recently floating on the web.

Where Google excels above any other company (including Amazon) is in continuously listening to customers and adapting with them. The marketing is built right into the company, right there. The famous 'beta' testing is simply an excuse for the feedback loop, involving the customer in the development of the service. Seth Godin and his 'Permission Marketing' and 'IdeaVirus' concepts coin exactly what Google is doing.

The reason I'm writing this now is I've just seen Google's upgraded Analytics tool, which is truly excellent, but also their free Website Optimisation tools (A/B content testing made simple).

It's not the tools that are the smart part, it's the fact that Google knows who it needs to please. It understands its core and most influential audience, the smaller website owner. And, the Googlers have gone out of their way to make life as easy as possible for the millions of webmasters around the world. Free analytics, optimisation, etc. It keeps the core influencing audience, the long-tail of web-publishing and the same people that make AdSense a success, right under Google's wing.

Love em or hate em. This is much more sophisticated, in-depth marketing than anything from MSN, Yahoo or any other digital brand.