Saturday, August 25

Update: Mobile p2p and Mosh

Nokia's 'not so secret' MOSH social network is now in open beta. And, it goes quite a long way toward the content sharing I described in my last post.

There's a problem for Nokia and it's a legal one. Given recent history, Napster, YouTube, it's only a matter of time before Jamster, Digital Chocolate, EA or one of the other big mobile content providers takes exception at this site. Why pay for a game, wallpaper, ringtone, when you can just 'swap it' at MOSH.

And then there's the Network Operators who wont be pleased as selling these 'added value' services is a big play for them.

The User Agreement says that users shouldn't publish copyright content...but that really excludes all games and all ringtones!

The mobile industry needs this to happen, it's a killer app that will drive use of mobiles in a different way. So it will get tens if not hundreds of millions using data services. But I can't see a Nokia, and their corporate legal team, 'getting away with it' for too long. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 22

Mobile Peer 2 Peer: the final frontier?

I've been playing around with some ideas and trends today. It's high-time the mobile industry found it's killer app.

Sure is cool and an easy step for Joe Public to see his phone as more than, well, a phone. I hate to say it, but we really need a Napster(of old)/Torrent client for phones. $4 ringtones and picture downloads are so Y2k. I'm wondering if Nokia's mosh network will go so far? I doubt it.

Since I suspect that it will be non-drm'd content that will explode this into the mainstream, I doubt Nokia's corporate 'legal' machine will allow it to go this way.

There are some clients out there, but they're not simple and don't let you share what's on your phone - your tunes, pics, vids, ringtones, in a "Joe Public Non-Uber Geek way".

So it's really up to the internet developers and entrepreneurs to create. I'm plenty busy with other ventures, but would be happy to contribute marketing/commercial ideas if anyone wants to take this on? Drop me a comment here if you want to discuss.

Wednesday, August 8

I've seen the Internet's future in 3D

I've long been banging on about the UI on the web being too flat and not making use of space and sense.

The ubersmart Open Source guru's have created PaperVision3D. i.e. Take flash, live data and merge them into truly 3D, interactive application. So, Second Life style 3D meets regular useful web sites - imagine your stockmarket portfolio in 3D for example.

Have a look at these early demos of what's possible: